With growing concerns about global warming and sustainability, more people are taking proactive measures that will lessen the environmental damage that has been caused over the years. We salute you for playing a role in the movement by selecting to have a green wedding.

Many couples are incorporating everything “green” when planning, be it invitations, rings, bridal dresses, tuxedos, catering - anything and everything you name it.  Eco savvy brides and grooms want to ensure that every detail is reflective of the environment. Moving away from traditional way some couples are choosing to send personalized invitations via email or sending custom designed cards made from recycled or tree free paper.

As opposed to purchasing wedding favors from different locations, couples are buying organic wedding favors like homemade candles from local shops in the location of their wedding.  Other eco friendly measures include purchasing jewelry from ethical jewelers.  Ethical jewelers who guarantee that the rings were produced responsibly is important being that the digging for diamonds can disrupts the local eco system.

Choosing bridal dresses that are made from natural fibers or using generational dresses are also popular options. The benefit from having dresses made from organic cotton, hemp, silk and hemp is that hemp is resistant to mold and mildew which is great for preservation. Catering is also selected responsibly, using a caterer that purchases locally produced produce is an effective way of reducing their carbon footprint.

There are a numerous other ideas for planning a green wedding, check out Martha Stewart Weddings for some more great ideas.

We found an great article in the 2008 Vermont’s Premier Destinations Wedding Guide by Matthew Mead (www.matthewmeadstyle.com) that we thought would be most helpful to you as you begin to planning your green wedding. 

Wedding Flowers Keep it Simple

By Matthew Mead

There was a time when elaborate bouquets and multi-blossomed arrangements thrived.  These were the days of the mega- weddings---when sentiment and simplicity were overlooked in favor of brash impact and grand statement a la Luke and Laura of the 80’s.  Today there are no hard and fast rules about wedding flowers.  In fact, flower decore is more about simplicity and what the couple loves in the way of blooms and colors.  I’ve always favored a “mono-botanical” look--ditch the formal for the spontaneous, fresh, and free spirited.  Here’s a great way to begin:

Pay homage to the season ---Look at the flowers that are in season, and choose the ones you love most.  Then, plan your wedding date those flowers and colors.  This is the best way to insure that you get the blossoms you truly adore.  Decide on a color statement and pull threads of that color throughout your wedding planning---from the colors of your bridesmaids dresses to the ties on your groomsmen.  This will truly weave a magical theme throughout your event.

It’s all about the flowers---It used to be about leaves and greens creating just the right relief for a few single blossoms, leaving the bride carrying a virtual jungle of lemon leaves, leather leaf, and baby’s breath.  Walking the runway-lilies, vibrant poppies, and perky shades of hydrangea---purples, greens, pinks, and acid blue.  Traditional red roses have been traded for sassier models in peach, pink, and vibrant orange.  A cluster of daisies tied with a silk ribbon wreak of modern country and simplicity at an outdoor event, while is elegant and understated with just the right nod to tradition.  A bride might choose a small cluster of fully blown attache roses for a stunning shabby-chic wedding, or a few stems of Asiatic lilies for a more graphic and colorful appearance.

Color, color and more color---White blossom en masse are very elegant indeed, but young brides are opting to show off their stylish colorful side by replacing traditional bundles of white magnolias with fiery clutches of red poppies, yellow ranunculus, and vibrant pink peonies.

Think outside the florist---Learn about the flowers you would like to use and discover alternative ways to obtain them for your special day.  This can be easier then you think.  Look for farms that specialize in wild flowers and scour the Net for growers from whom you can buy direct.

Your back yard---If your wedding is slated for the right time of year, you can grow your own flowers.  In fact, you might have the blooms growing right in your own yard now.  Consider backyard favorites, such as lilacs, climbing roses, peonies, and lilies that grow amongst your own flowering borders.  Remember to pick the blooms early in the day and place them directly into cool, clean water.  Let hydrate and acclimate for 24 hours before arranging.  Check with neighbors, I’ve found people who love to share their flowers for just sch events.

The farm stand or pick your own flower garden---Many local farm stands, and farmer’s markets sell fresh-cut flowers.  Blossoms like zinnias, salvia, lavender, and peonies can often be ordered through a local market.  Or visit a real working farm the grows beds of flowers just for cutting.  Bring along a bucket of fresh, clean water and cut you blooms early in the day.

The grocery store---Flowers are flowering plants abound at grocery stores these days.  You can often find great deals on flowers like azaleas and hydrangeas.  Simply cut the blossoms from the plants and place in cool, clean water.

Hydrate---Make sure your blossoms always have plenty to drink prior to arranging them.  If possible, construct your bouquet so it can be plunged into water between events and photo ops.  Some blossoms can be outfitted with water picks for optimum hydration.

Use and re-use---Save on expenses by having your bouquet and those of your attendants double as centerpieces on the head and vip table.  Make sure that you or your flower arranger create bouquets that can easily be hydrated after the ceremony to preserve and add that very personal style to your dining area.

Have fun and be FLEXIBLE---While the wedding day is always filled with Pomp and Circumstance remember to keep it light and live-able so you and your guests can enjoy the experience.  Here are my five best tips for keeping your flowers fresh.

  1. Arrange your blossoms just hours before your wedding to keep flowers as fresh as can be.

  2. Place water picks on special blossoms that need extra special care - or have flower pails close by to give blossoms that needed drink.  Keep flowers out of direct sunlight or stifling humidity before and during the ceremony.

  3. Keep an open mind when working with a florist to create your special arrangement...and if it is not what you expected, remember it is only one small part of your special day.

  4. Remember the several or even a single bloom can make a beautiful and engaging statement as a bouquet.

  5. Keep it SIMPLE.  A single flower style makes just the right statement.


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